There are a number of new protocols which must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety.

    1. No child should attend class if they are showing symptoms of Covid; elevated temperature, sore throat, cough etc.
    2. Parents/guardians should drop children at the door and not enter the building.
    3. It is imperative that children are dropped off and collected on time.
    4. No food, drink, or any items from home are to be brought to class.
    5. Seating will be arranged to facilitate distancing – children will be asked not to move furniture.
    6. Group sizes will be kept small to facilitate distancing.
    7. If a child feels unwell or develops symptoms during class, the parent/guardian will be called immediately to collect their child.
    8. Lessons and activities will be adapted to allow for distancing protocols and guidelines specific to each age group.
    9. All chairs and surfaces, door handles & bathroom facilities will be wiped down thoroughly before & after each class. A more thorough clean will be completed at the end of each day.
    10. There will be a supply of hand sanitizer at the door for everyone to use.
    11. There is a one way system while entering and exiting the building. The entrance is through the fire door to the left of the classroom, on the far left of the building. The students will exit through the fire door to the right of the classroom.
    12. All class materials eg. scripts will be posted on Seesaw. There will be no folders brought to class.