Welcome to Act One Drama School

Act One is a creative drama school based in Letterkenny, teaching drama to 4-18 year olds. Founder Nicola Keegan-Laughlin uses drama skills to aid the development of the whole self, nourishing creativity and building self-esteem. Nicola strives to empower pupils to actively explore, solve problems and make decisions to aid the development of critical and creative thinking that is much needed in today’s modern world. Whether your child is shy and introverted or born to perform, Nicola helps each child excel.

“Nicola is a truly inspiring and energetic teacher who provides each and every child with the confidence and the spirit they need to develop their abilities. My daughter attended drama classes with Nicola for the past 10 years and this helped her enormously with public speaking and performance. She loved going to her class every week and her social skills and confidence blossomed as a result.

She is an excellent teacher who takes time to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of her students and guides them appropriately. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough for the enjoyment and confidence the children get from them.”
Sena Mc Creanor